Update November 2022 – Arrow Acceptance is expanding our BHPH portfolio acquisitions to include motorcycle, commercial trailer, and powersports vehicles notes. Arrow Acceptance has built a reputation as the only bulk auto portfolio BHPH note buyer in the industry with no major restrictions. Now, we are expanding the types of notes we buy to further help the thousands of small, independent BHPH businesses that help consumers get the vehicles they need.  

April 2022 – Headquartered in Marietta, GA, Arrow Acceptance specially designed their bulk auto portfolio purchase programs for Buy Here Pay Here businesses and smaller independent auto finance companies. Through high-quality support, positive long-term relationships, and a streamlined purchasing process, Arrow Acceptance provides transparent, quick, and honest partnerships with their BHPH dealers. 

Bulk Auto Portfolio Services

Arrow’s mission is to provide the critical cash flow that Buy Here Pay Here businesses need through the purchase of retail installment auto portfolios. Their primary focus has been to increase dealers’ cash flow and productivity by quickly converting  performing auto notes into cash.

Arrow’s rapid growth within the industry can be attributed to their no portfolio restrictions philosophy. With programs specifically designed for BHPH businesses, Arrow’s no-limitations policy allows for portfolios of all sizes, vehicle mileage and age, APR, title types, and customer credit to be converted into cash. This two-way street allows for not only rapid portfolio valuations, but quick infusions of cash for dealers.

Making The Process Easy

Making the process easy for dealers isn’t just about providing an outlet for  all types of auto portfolios. Arrow builds long-term relationships and gains repeat business because of their exceptional customer service before and after the sale. Arrow’s customer service representatives respond promptly, communicate clearly, and provide high-quality, compliant support throughout the life of the account. Arrow has made the portfolio purchasing service easier for dealers through four quick steps:

  1. Reach out to Arrow for no-obligation portfolio pricing
  2. Submit requested information via Arrow’s secure online portal
  3. Arrow performs a fast portfolio valuation to provide a written cash offer
  4. Quick and efficient closing that includes a speedy infusion of cash

Top 5 Reasons Dealers Repeatedly Sell to Arrow

Arrow’s purchase process is transparent, quick, and honest. The teams’ professionalism and ease of doing business have created repeat customers, not only for Arrow Acceptance but also repeat customers who return to the original dealer to buy their next cars. The top 5 reasons dealers repeatedly sell BHPH notes or commercial trailer and motorcycle notes to Arrow are:

  1. Fast pricing
  2. Quick funding
  3. Lack of portfolio restrictions that are common with other BHPH note buyers
  4. Exceptional customer service before, during, and after the sale
  5. Easy transition for customers

“Arrow Acceptance has exceeded dealers and customer expectations every step of the way as we’ve continued to grow our bulk auto portfolio services,” Arrow Acceptance CEO JR Edmiston says. “We are proud of our quick, honest, and nonrestrictive evaluation service that has set us apart in the industry. It is important to the whole team that we remain the premier option for BHPH dealers looking to reduce their risk and get the quick cash infusion they need to service more customers.”

Industry Involved Veterans

As Industry veterans, JR Edmiston and the executive team connect with industry colleagues, stakeholders, and representatives through Arrow’s focused industry memberships. Arrow is a member of the Georgia, Texas, Florida, and National Independent Automobile Dealers Associations and works closely with the National Alliance of Pay Here Buy Here Dealers (NABD). Through these memberships, Arrow attends educational seminars and networking sessions to expand their industry understanding and influence.

Arrow Acceptance has set the bar for BHPH bulk auto, commercial trailer and motorcycle portfolio purchasing through their exceptional customer service, unique purchasing methods, and compliance. The Arrow team is available for a personalized, no-obligation consultation at any time and their quick and easy process continues to build long-term relationships. 

Learn More Online

To learn more about Arrow Acceptance and how they’ve reduced their dealers’ risk while increasing their cash flow, or if there are any questions about Arrow’s services, please visit Arrow Acceptance’s website or call them at (678) 799-7123.

About Arrow Acceptance, LLC

Arrow Acceptance is a top BHPH contract buyer with purchase programs specifically designed for Buy Here Pay Here businesses. Their process is fast and simple to help BHPH businesses sell auto, commercial trailer and motorcycle contracts for cash in one large lump sum. Arrow Acceptance provides a streamlined purchase process with high-quality support that gives you immediate cash faster than other BHPH note buyers.