Arrow Acceptance, LLC, a top Buy Here Pay Here note buyer that purchases bulk auto portfolios, is excited to share the newest YouTube video focused on the most frequently asked questions by dealers about Arrow. Our purchase programs are specially designed for BHPH businesses and smaller independent auto finance companies and we accept portfolios of all types.

Arrow’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Arrow Acceptance Buy?

Arrow Acceptance purchases Buy-Here-Pay-Here retail installment contracts in bulk. Unlike many other bulk auto note purchasers, we do not have limitations on mileage, vehicle age, or APR. We focus on turning BHPH contracts into quick cash for dealers.

Are There Any Restrictions On Portfolio Size, Vehicle Mileage, or APR?

We do not have size, mileage, or APR restrictions for portfolios of auto accounts. No portfolio is too small or too large for consideration. We even purchase portfolios that include 0% APR vehicle contracts. Arrow is the only trusted name in the industry that does not have tedious restrictions on portfolio type.

Does Arrow Buy Salvaged or Branded Title Portfolios?

Yes, Arrow Acceptance will purchase portfolios that include branded or salvage titles. Auto dealers, small independent finance companies, and brokers like working with our team because we act ethically, regardless of portfolio type.

Do You Check Consumer or Account Holder’s Credit?

Arrow does not check the customer or account holder’s credit. We buy bulk accounts and portfolios of performing buy here pay here auto contracts to give sellers the cash they need to grow. Our team maintains the highest level of compliance but also meets the changing needs of today’s BHPH businesses.

Get Started With Arrow Acceptance

Are you ready to sell your buy here pay here auto portfolio? It’s easy to get started with Arrow Acceptance. Our process is fast, straightforward, and honest. Call our team at 678-799-7123 or email us at to get started. Visit the Dealers portion of our website to learn more about how Arrow can turn your performing BHPH portfolios into quick cash.

About Arrow Acceptance, LLC

Arrow Acceptance is a top company that buys buy here pay here notes with purchase programs specifically designed for Buy Here Pay Here businesses. Their process is fast and simple to help BHPH businesses sell auto contracts for cash in one large lump sum. Arrow’s goal is to provide a streamlined purchase process with high-quality support that builds positive long-term relationships with clients and their customers. Arrow Acceptance is headquartered in Marietta, Georgia.