Update November 2022 – Arrow Acceptance is making it easier for small, independent BHPH dealers to continue getting consumers into vehicles. Arrow now purchases motorcycle, commercial trailer, and powersports vehicles notes. Our unique no-restrictions portfolio purchase program is not just limited to auto notes. Arrow will continue to provide best-in-class support for small BHPH dealers and will purchase bulk, performing notes for all four classes of vehicles with little to no restrictions.

July 2022 – Getting stuck in an endless loop of having to service accounts while simultaneously focusing on lending new money can bog down any business. Portfolio management and servicing takes time, resources, and money that most organizations don’t have to spare. Unlock a steady, consistent cash flow by bulk selling Buy Here Pay Here portfolios

Four Steps To Success

1) Find The Right BHPH Buyer

Finding the right partner to sell portfolios to is paramount. You must find an organization focused on giving customers the best possible experience throughout the life of their auto contract. Every customer is important, and a good partner will provide high-quality support online and over the phone with a highly-trained team that is committed to delivering quality service through clear communication, prompt responsiveness, and a helpful approach.

2) Sell Portfolios Before Default

Bulk BHPH portfolios can be tedious to collect upon but once those accounts enter a default state, collections may prove to be even more difficult. To see the largest return on investment and to find the most trustworthy partner that can secure your organization’s reputation, consider selling your bulk portfolios before the default stage and cash in on the opportunity to free up receivables resources for your core business.

3) Free Yourself From Collection Responsibilities

Unlocking revenue potential from receivables isn’t just about physically collecting upon the accounts. Organizations are held to very strict rules and regulations that govern collections. By selling performing bulk portfolios, you can absolve your organization from the responsibility of managing those guidelines and allow a trusted partner to maintain strict compliance.

4) Return To Your Core Business

Once you find the right partner and unlock a consistent cash flow from your bulk BHPH portfolios, your organization can return to doing what you do best—helping consumers. Getting cash out of your receivables department and into the hands of the rest of the organization allows you to sign new contracts, focus on selling cars, and helps you provide an even better customer service experience for those looking to secure their new vehicle.

Increase Your Cash Flow Today

Selling your performing auto retail installment contract portfolio to Arrow Acceptance is a reliable source of capital for your business. Our bulk purchase programs are specifically designed for Buy Here Pay Here dealers and independent automobile finance companies. Stay focused on your business, sell more cars, and finance more customers by turning your auto notes into quick cash.

Unlike other companies, Arrow doesn’t have limitations or restrictions on portfolio size, contract age, APR, mileage, or vehicle age, and we even buy salvage and branded titles. Our programs are specifically designed for Buy Here Pay Here businesses, and we understand the needs of small, independent BHPH auto dealers. Our team is ready to help you unlock cash flow today.

Contact Us

To learn more about Arrow Acceptance or to learn more about our award-winning BHPH processes, visit our dealer’s contact page on our website. There you can submit an offer form and Arrow can get you the cash you need to service new contacts. To speak directly with one of our customer representatives, call Arrow at 678-799-7123.

About Arrow Acceptance, LLC

Arrow Acceptance is a top BHPH contract buyer with purchase programs specifically designed for Buy Here Pay Here businesses. Their process is fast and simple to help BHPH businesses sell auto, commercial trailer and motorcycle contracts for cash in one large lump sum. Arrow Acceptance provides a streamlined purchase process with high-quality support that gives you immediate cash faster than other BHPH note buyers.